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Born in Yugoslavia, in an area now a part of the Republic of Slovenia, in 1974, Melania Knauss grew up in a comfortable but overprotective household. Her Austrian father and Slovenian mother wished to make sure their daughter was well-educated so that wherever she ended up in life, she'd be well placed to succeed. This translated into many hours of study for the young Knauss; as a child, her head was frequently buried in a book. As Melania blossomed into a stunning young lady, she realized that another asset, besides the mind, could be utilized to succeed. Knauss had developed a curvaceous body to match her beautiful face. Out of high school and in the process of becoming a quadrilingual -- she learned English on top of Eastern Europe dialects -- she tried her hand at modeling in her homeland.
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Melania Knauss 
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06 May, 1970 
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