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OKINA Megumi Biography Born on August 6, 1979 in Tokyo, Okina Megumi was initially made a notoriety by television (where it worked in parllèle with its studies) while playing in the Fireworks telefilm: Should we see it from the size gold the bottom? (1993) of Iwai Shunji begin then with the series Tengoku No kiss and Heaven Cannot Wait (both 1999). Between the two, it turns in 1995 in the thriller of science fiction Night Head. In 2000, it appears in one of the segments of film with sketches Tales of the Unusual and in the thriller Senbunzu Feisu. Perhaps its role of Koto Hime to with dimensions of the other young hope Ando Masanobu in Red Shadow (2001) as its participation in St John' S Wort let forecast of a promising career to the cinema. While waiting, its activities are very diversified: many appearances in telefilms or televised series, in publicities and recording of CDs.
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Megumi Okina 
Birth Date 
06 August, 1979 
Birth place 
Tokyo, Japan 
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