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If it's one thing we Aussies are good at, it's beating others at their own game. You only need to look as far as our sporting triumphs to see how far our domination spreads, and Megan Gale is taking that same attitude abroad, currently riding a wave a popularity in one of the most fashionable European countries - Italy. The Perth born beauty is able to walk around in Australian cities, doing things any normal person would do - go shopping, buy an ice-cream, watch a play or check out the Web Wombat Fashion channel. But in Italy, she can't even go into an Internet Cafe to keep up on the local issues. It's true. In Italy - she is a goddess and worshipped in the same manner. She gets mobbed in the street and therefore can often be seen flanked by burly bodyguards wearing dark sunglasses and even darker temperaments! But where did it all start for the Aussie-born Euro-starlet? Born in 1976, Perth, Western Australia, Megan Gale was just another Aussie lass. Standing 180cm tall, Megan Gale was studying at Uni in when all of sudden she was offered a part in a new advertising campaign. But unlike a lot of other top models, Megan Gale slogged her way to the top - the occupation didn't just fall into her lap. She has worked hard over the last eleven years to get to where she is now. She dropped university, instead getting many a gig as a model on the Italian circuit. Over there, Megan is known to many people as many different things. Either way, she won over the Italians in a way not thought possible until now. She's even been in a couple of Italian movies, starring as Viviana in Stregati dalla luna (2001) and playing herself in Vacanze di Natale 2000 (1999). You go grrrl! Some call her the model with the eyes, some call her the smiling model, and some just say she's a very attractive woman. But more than just superficialities, Megan Gale always makes an impression on those she meets via her charming persona. She's also worked on drive time radio in Italy, an occupation where she must rely on more than her drop dead gorgeous body, all the while speaking in Italian. What a star! She's worked on dozens of different jobs in Italy, from print ads for mobile phones, and whenever she returns to Australia she can often be seen at Melbourne or Sydney's fashion events, keeping close tabs on the locals are up to. She's tall, she's gorgeous, but she's down to earth in a very un-model like way. And one of her more recent annoyances - being called a supermodel. She says she's a model and there's nothing super about it. Not only charming, but humble, too. So there you have it. Australians are good at everything, even charming the Europeans.
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Megan Gale 
Birth Date 
07 August, 1976 
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Perth, Australia  
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