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Birth Name: Betty Brosmer Birthdate: August 2, 1935 Birthplace: Pasadena, California Father: Andy Brosmer Mother: Vendla Brosmer Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Height: 5 feet, 5 inches Weight: 106 pounds Measurements: 37-21-36 Husband: Joe Weider Wedding Date: April 24, 1961 Betty Weider began her extraordinary modeling career at the age of 13 when her photo appeared in the Sears & Roebuck catalog. It was not long before her effervescent smiling face appeared in full page Emerson TV ads in Time, Life and Look magazines. Her modeling career grew quickly and she appeared in magazine advertisements, catalogs, on packaging and on billboards across the country on behalf of a wide range of products. During this teen period she also won over 50 beauty contests. Within a few years she began her reign as one of America's most famous cover girls. Her blonde fresh California girl allure and perfect figure put her on more than 100 magazine covers. Betty had truly become the glamour goddess of the super models. Her marriage to bodybuilder and publisher Joe Weider ended her career as a super model and started her second career as an active participant in Joe's health and fitness empire. Her beautiful face and bikini clad figure were in numerous ads in Joe Weider's Muscle Builder/Power and Mr. America magazines. She also appeared on the covers of those magazines with top bodybuilders Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Lou Ferrigno, Dave Draper, Larry Scott and others. Today, Betty is a recognized leader in the women's health and fitness field. She is a feature editor and monthly columnist ("Body by Betty") for Muscle & Fitness and the co-publisher of Shape, the premiere women's fitness magazine. In 1981, Betty and Joe wrote the book "The Weider Book of Bodybuilding for Women." This was followed in 1984 by "The Weider Body Book." In 1993, Betty co-wrote "Better and Better," a workout and nutrition guide for women. In addition, Betty is a member of the Olympic Committee on Physical Fitness. Betty Weider is a role model for a generation of women demonstrating that classical beauty and fitness can be maintained well beyond middle age. Betty will always remain the living embodiment of the feminine ideal.
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Betty Brosmer 
Birth Date 
02 August, 1935 
Birth place 
Pasadena, California 
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