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Height: 5'3" Weight: 105 Hair: Brown Bust: 34c Eyes: Blue Waist: 24 Hips: 34 Shoe: 6.5 Dress: 1 Pant: 1 Age: 27 When is your birthday? May 12, 1978 Ethnic background? Mostly French Are you married? No I'm not, and I don't have any children Why modeling? I love it! I get to travel all the time and meet interesting people, it has been very exciting. I'm also shy so it helps me to be more outgoing. And I have to say I like the attention I get! Describe yourself: I'm usually shy and quiet until you really get to know me. I tend to be too trusting and very sensitive so I am easily hurt. I'm very kind and loving - loving and being loved back is the best thing in the world ;) And I am very dedicated to those who are closest to me. I am passive and I generally do not like to lead but I am a loyal follower! I'm easy going and I avoid arguments and disagreements whenever possible. I am low maintenance and I am not afraid to get dirty. I love to laugh, I am fun to be around and I am a great listener. I am humble, nonjudgmental and I like to be neat and organized. I am not going to tell you my flaws though! What has been your most exciting modeling experience so far? Partying with Hef and his girlfriends and staying at the Mansion. Going to Belize for the Model Safari was really fun too. Some things you like? I love warm weather, the beach, camping, fishing, swimming, drawing, reading, playing piano, going out to eat, shopping, laughing and being with my family Any phobias? I'm scared to death of spiders Are you religious? Not at all, I don't believe in any God or higher Power. I don't believe in a Heaven with it's blinding lights, angels and relatives waiting for you at the gate. There is no Devil and no Hell where anyone will burn and suffer for all eternity. I also don't believe in witches, ghosts, or the tooth fairy, lol! is heartbreaking to know that I will never see my loved one's ever again once we are gone, but I can't be brainwashed into thinking otherwise. I envy people who truly believe that after this, we go to a better place. What are your favorite movie's? Gladiator, American Beauty and Dumb and Dumber What is your favorite book? The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks What are your favorite shows? Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Will and Grace and The Simpson's Do you have any tattoos or piercing? I have 4 small, easily hidden tattoos and my tongue is pierced. What are your favorite foods? I LOVE to eat ;) My favorite foods are sushi, crab, and creamed chipped beef on toast. And pretty much anything smothered in cheese! Who are your favorite actors? Angelina Jolie and Jimmy Fallon What are your favorite bands? Matchbox 20, the Goo Goo Dolls, G Love & the Special Sauce and Eminem Do you collect anything? I have been collecting dragons for about 7 years. I'm sure I have close to 100, all unique and different from the others. I receive most of them as gifts. Some of your turn off's? Liar's, cheaters, bad tempers, pretty boys, selfishness, being cocky or conceited, jealousy, sloppiness, being too secretive, boasting, tightwads, being too judge mental, Turn on's? A good sense of humor, being motivated and responsible, being outgoing, being trustworthy and dependable, good cologne, rubbing my back and my hair, tattoos, sensitivity, cuddling, being adventurous, people who accept that I'm not perfect
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Alison Dupri 
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12 May, 1978 
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