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Its history: Brighetti Barbarian is been born to Cremona the 2 june 1966. Its Tawny father and its Giovanna mother, after to have spold the honey moon in Kenya, returned in Italy in order to sell the house whom they had and to buy one small farm in Africa. Barbarian has attended the elementary ones in Kenya, the medium and advanced school in Switzerland and Great Britain, and the university in Italy. Beyond to the Italian and English it knows also the French and the Spanish. Barbarian is one sport been born: it has practiced and practical still numerous sports: water ski, swim, ginnastica, windsurf and motocross. It has the licence of airplane pilot. But its preferred sport is the parachuting. Currently, Barbarian has several licences: Kenya skidivers, Kenya Air Sport Association and Master License Uspa. 4 December 1993 has exceeded the world-wide record of feminine free fall, jumping from a height of 10.900 meters over the airport of Brescia.
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Barbara Brighetti 
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02 June, 1966 
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