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Ashley was born May 2nd, 1985 in Roseville, Georgia (USA). She started playing tennis when she was 4 years old as her parents loved playing and had played when they were younger. Lately, Ashley has been training at the Saddlebrook Tennis Academy and especially trained by USTA coach Martin Van Dalen. After winning the under 18 US title at age 15, Ashley decided to turn pro and has signed a contract to be represented by the Artists Management Group of Beverly Hills, California. Her good looks have founded many comparisons with tennis superstar Anna Kournikova, who is Ashley's favourite player by the way! Ashley likes shopping, reading and swimming. She made her official Grand Slam debut at age 16 at the 2001 US Open losing to Meilan Tu in the first round in a tough 3 set match. Then, in 2003, Ashley accomplished a few things, like a first win against a top 10 player (Hantuchova in Charleston) and also entering the top 100 in the WTA tour singles rankings.
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Ashley Harkleroad 
Tennis Player 
Birth Date 
02 May, 1985 
Birth place 
Rossville, Georgia 
Mail address 

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