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Born in Galveston, Texas on January 30, Amy has three siblings, a twin brother, an older brother, and an older sister. When one year old, her parents moved to Port Arthur, Texas, where she was raised, except for the brief year and a half where they resided in the Middle East. Her father, is from Baghdad, and my mother is Czech. My father, now retired, was a cardiovascular surgeon and a talented sculptor her mother, an avid equestrian and breeder of Arabian horses, had Amy riding at the tender age of 4. After graduating from college with a degree in dental hygiene, Amy moved to Northern California, where she first got involved in serious fitness training. Two and a half years had passed, and homesick for Texas, she moved to Dallas and began swimsuit modeling and competing in bikini contests & won several swimsuit titles, lots of cash, prizes, trips, and even a car. She realized that her physique had advanced to competition level, so upon the urging of some of her friends and family, she decided to try her luck in a fitness show. On submitting her photo and resume' to the promoter of the Fitness America Pageant she was invited to compete in the National Championships that year. She won the physique round, but placed only ninth overall in the pageant. She enjoyed competing that first year, and began to feel confident that she had a chance at the title. The following year she competed again, and finished as first runner up. Fiercely competitive by nature and more determined than ever before, became the Fitness America National Champion! Competing in fitness has opened many doors for me. It has launched my acting career, enabled me to become an entrepreneur, but most importantly has helped me to inspire others to achieve their personal fitness goals.Guest appearances, modeling, and acting have taken me to all corners of the world: Hong Kong, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Guam, Spain, Hungary, Slovakia, Malayia, Jamaica and even Lebanon! My career has brought me many adventuresome and exciting times. I have been blessed with good friends, loyal fans and especially a loving family. I wouldn't trade any of them for the world!
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Amy Fadhli 
actor / model / athlet 
Birth Date 
30 January, 1966 
Birth place 
galveston, texas, usa 
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