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She started modeling at 18 as swimsuit model for various advertisement, and featured in some budget tv shows. It was 1996 that she got a chance to star in a NHK production ‘Himawari’ that caught people attention, and it was in the same year that she starred in Ringu (one of the all time popular Japanese horror movie, original version of hollywood ‘The Ring’ ) that made her famous all around Asia. Nanako’s popularity was ever rising since then, leading in loads of popular Japanese tv series and movies, and also tv commercials. Not only that she have the elegancy and beauty, her acting was very much praised and won her several awards. In 1998, she co-starred with Sorimachi Takashi in the popular drama series GTO, and later in 2001 they tied their strings to each other, and gave birth to a daughter.
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Nanako Matsushima 
Birth Date 
13 October, 1973 
Birth place 
okayama, giappone  
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