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Christy Canyon is a Hall of Fame porn actress. Not possessed of great natural acting ability--as is evident by viewing her early work--she nonetheless grew more comfortable delivering dialogue in front of the camera as her career progressed. She came on the scene at about the same time as Traci Lords, and the two of them almost immediately challenged reigning porn queen Ginger Lynn Allen for the top position in the business. By 1987 Traci was gone - having left the industry after it was discovered she was underage when she made most of her films - and Christy was establishing herself as the #1 fan draw. She has retired, and unretired, many times in the past 15 years or so, but her fans remain devoted. The few films she appears in nowadays are guaranteed to be "cash cows" by virtue of her being in them. She and Traci produced several movies together, and after Traci's ignominious departure from the business, some of them were re-released with Traci's scenes edited out. One movie that could not be re-released, however, was Battle of the Stars (1985) (V), which pitted Christy vs. Traci in head-to-head competition for the best actress title in X-rated films.
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