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Nee Leigh Tare Patrick, to the century, Carmen Electra (name invented and do of healthy plant from one of its pigmalioni, that is the always bizzoso Prince), is been born the 20 opens them 1972 to White Oak, Ohio. Wide awake girl and for nothing timid, notices soon of the explosive beauty of its body, an instrument that will not hesitate to take advantage of in order to make career. She celebrates, as an example, are by now becomes you its knots for Playboy or the participation to the television series Bay Watch, a true one concentrated of beauties to the bath. She does not exist null of sure to this purpose, but it says that she has had its first sexual relationship in an age little near the adolescence. Extremely free and disinhibited personage therefore, from when he has entered in the age of the reason has always tried to make part of the world of the show, until note to the "baptism" of Prince, than them he has donated the nickname with which today he is known all over the world. In any case Carmen has put to us also of its, as they say, straining itself to learn dance and other can serve to a complete artist. From the age of nine years the prestigious School for Creative and Performing Arts had been already applied seriously in this attempt, attending. But between its several vocations, are above all that one canora that it seems to emerge: it begins therefore to deepen better this discipline, taking regular lessons of song. To fifteen years the city of Prince decides to move itself to Minneapolis (!), in order to try the fortune; while, it disembarks the lunario as anonymous it models for a atelier fashionable and it lives with the sister in better not specified appartment in sharing. Four years the beautiful Carmen lands in the hot universe of Los Angeles and here the transformation happens. Prince meets, to the age attempt to turn the world with mega-show populated of beautiful women, many di.le which launch just from he, and beyond to the name, the genius of Minneapolis changes also the life to them. To the horizon it begins to take body which always has been its dream, that one of being recognized for road, unnoticed. It even succeeds in to record a album, whose not memorable single (from which a videoclip was drawn also), is "Go-Go Dancer". The happened one continues between music and shows, until "Baywatch" does not knock to its door and takes the place of Anderson Wide-brimmed hat in the team of Mitch Buchannon (David Hasselhoff), in the fortunate television series. After which Carmen becomes testimonial of the Budweiser beer, in order then to land to the great screen with "Scary Movie", a demential film to adolescenziale background that is proposed to make the back the common places of films horror. Between the other, in that Carmen period fidanza, and then spouse the fortunate player of basket Dennis Rodman. A relation that like all the relations glamour that they are respected is not sure calm and pacific. Indeed, arrested of recent with the husband for rissa in a hotel, often the two have offered one show not just thrilling. Inevitables then the numerous gossips on a possible divorce. In spite of all that, to how much the brace seems resists still well to onslaught of the time and the subjects of gossip, making itself ritratte in loving attitudes just like two in love doves. Before Rodman, Carmen happily was tied to Tommy Lee, the violent one and tatuato drummer of the Motley Crue. That one become famous more than other for the torrid relation with Anderson Wide-brimmed hat, in order to agree, also she lifeguard of Baywatch. One does not know if between the two good blood slides. In the November 2003 Carmen Electra has married the chitarrista Dave Navarro (Janes Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers). The successive year we have admired it in the dissacrante "Starsky & Hutch" (with Very Stiller and Owen Wilson).
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Carmen Electra 
top model 
Birth Date 
20 April, 1972 
Birth place 
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA 
Married with the guitar player Dave Navarro from November 2003 
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