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Kathleen Robertson was born in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada) on July 8, 1973. At the young age of ten, Kathleen told her parents about her ambition for acting. Therefore she began acting lessons - Kathleen got a role in a local play of the Annie music hall in Hamilton - and has been acting ever since. Btw. she went to Hilfield Strathallan College in Hamilton, a private school. Whole traveling to Los Angeles, to attend a premiere, she decided to stay, and try acting within the states. Her first notable hint of fame was her role as the sarcastic Clare Arnold on Beverly Hills, 90210. After her 1993-1997 stint on the show, Kathleen became famous for her roles in Gregg Araki films, such as Nowhere and Splendor. Many rumors claim that the two, despite their 14 years age difference are now engaged. But other than this, not much is known of her personal life. Her career seems to be on the fast track to fame, with many new films to be coming out. Kathleen's hobbies include oil painting, photography and visiting art galleries throughout the country. In her acting career she has been nominated for: Canadia Comedy Awards Pretty Funny Female Performance Scary Movie 2 Young Artist Awards Best Young Artist Award for Best Young Actress (1992) c/o starring in a TV Series (Maniac Mansion) 1990.
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Kathleen Robertson 
08 Juli, 1973 
Los Angeles, California  

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